1. Back to the Basics – Before upgrading what you’ve got take a look at your listing for any buyer red flags. Do the roof and pipes leak? Does a draft fill the house? In the winter will the basement flood with water? An inspector will catch all of this and it will quickly become a turn off to most buyers, so tackle these problem areas first.
  2. Mow the Lawn – It’s important to make a good first impression so tidy up your porch and lawn. Before a buyer ever steps inside your home they’ll likely drive by to see what your house looks like and what the neighborhood is like.
  3. Fresh coat of white paint – There is nothing wrong with being a fan of big bold colors that leave a statement. However, a new homeowner would prefer to step into a home with a fresh canvas. Allow them to more easily envision themselves in your home and pick a neutral tone.
  4. Create an Open Floor Plan – Almost every home owner is looking for more space. If you have the money to knock out a wall that will allow a greater visual expanse, go for it. Just make sure it’s not weight bearing!
  5. Upgrade the Kitchen The one room in the house that will give you the biggest bang for your buck with an upgrade is the kitchen. Keep the new concept clean and timeless to make it even more value added.