If we want to go somewhere, night or day, we pull out our phones and with the push of a button an Uber will pick us up. If we want to live the life of a local in a different country, websites like AirBNB can make it happen without ever needing to actually talk to the home owner over the phone. With the advent and development of the internet and social sharing sites, meeting our increasing demands has become a breeze. So why, you might ask yourself, do you still need a realtor? All that’s required to sell a house is a few high quality cell phone photos and Facebook, right? Think again.

Selling a home takes a huge investment of time, resources and marketing. Selling a house often also requires connections, years of experience and training. An experienced realtor can easily assess your neighborhood and its selling history, as well as the quality of your home to determine your selling price range. They’ll know whether seasonality, local development and market trends are in your favor or likely to force your price down. Working alongside many other local realtors (with their own local buyers) they’ll also know what people in your area are looking for and exactly what improvements need to be made in order to get the highest return on your final investments. Unlike the average consumer searching large home buying and selling search engines, license realtors have access to actual numbers and on-line platforms that are closed off from the public, or available with limited access only.

Realtors established with an agency, like Town & Country Realty, also have the support and resources of that agency. They work with the best home photographers and may even enlist the help of a drone photography company. As necessary, they will  get your home into the highest read local newspapers and utilize social sharing sites like Facebook with targeted ads that will go to the exact audience you’re looking to reach.  When it comes to maximizing your home’s exposure, you just can’t beat working with an expert realtor. Plus, think about all of the time you’ll save! By working as a partner in the process and letting your realtor know exactly when the home is available for showings you can avoid the hassle of constant phone calls, setting up open houses and playing phone tag with anybody who expresses an inkling of interest.

For those who have sold a house before, you know that the day the deal comes to a close can be downright intimidating. Just the sheer amount of paperwork will make you wonder if you just signed away your first born child in exchange for a sold sign. To a licensed realtor, a closing is just another day at the office. They show up prepared, experienced and ready to negotiate. In fact, our Town & Country Realtors love closing day negotiations! They make sure the t’s are crossed and all I’s are dotted so that their clients are well informed, prepared and ready to walk away happy.

If you’re thinking about selling your home yourself in an effort to save money, consider the big picture. There are so many potential missteps along the path to selling a home where you could end up spending far more than you had anticipated fixing an error, or investing in a completely unnecessary upgrade. Your realtor is there to protect you and your money. In fact, it’s in their best interest for you to walk away with the most money possible as a seller.

So before you snap those home photos and email them out to friends and family with a few house stats and price, put the brakes on and call an expert. Town & Country Realty is waiting for your call at 717-299-4885. We look forward to working with you!