It used to be that back in the day only your local Lancaster real estate agent knew cohesively each and every property that was for sale in the area. With the advent of the internet, and websites like Zillow and Trulia, things changed. The average Joe could type in a search term and bring up a website listing, not only what properties were for sale, but also their tax history, square footage, and sales history. So why would you need to call a realtor at all with these easy to access real estate resources?

The first thing that surprises many people is that these multi-listing services aren’t always purely factual. They undeniably have their advantages, but one of their glaring disadvantages is that they accept information from several different sources.  Sources that are not always up to date. For instance, an agent can add a listing to a website like Zillow, hoping to drum up interest. It’s win-win at first. Interested buyers discover the listing, call for a showing and what do you know, a few weeks later the home is off the market. Yet, the listing still stands. Amidst the excitement somebody forgot to go back in and pull the listing. Another eager buyer finds the listing and falls immediately in love, only to be met with surprise and disappointment when their realtor has to share the sad news that they can’t schedule a showing as the house just closed and the new buyers are already moving it. We see this happen time and time again.

That’s why, in addition to setting up an appointment with you and assisting you in real time both in person and email, we wanted to offer you a few other resources to assist you in your home buying and selling journey.


  • – Town & Country Realtor is happy to be a proud member of the National Association of Realtors. On this website is a plethora of helpful, updated, information for members and non-members alike. If you’re not sure about the temperate of our current market, check here first. You are always welcome to give us a call as well.
  • Inman News – Often considered the nation’s most respected independent real estate news service by those in the field. If you’re thinking about trying to sell your home without the assistance of an agent, we recommend you stay up to date with resources like this one. If at any point you decide you’ve got a life to lead and it would be better to outsource that particular responsibility, we would be happy to take over.
  • Housing Wire – When you find yourself buying or selling during an uncertain economic time, this is a great resource to turn to. A buyer’s market can flip on its head with little to no notice, but websites like Housing Wire are able to point out the warning signs before a big market shift occurs.
  • Lancaster Town & Country Realty – Sure, admittedly we’re partial to this one. However, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Lancaster, York, Dauphin or Berks County, we are your number one resource of current and helpful information.
  • Flex MLS – Sorry, you have to be a licensed Realtor to access this one. However, once you reach out to us with the required relevant information we can then enter you into the system and have all available homes in the area that meet your requirements come through in an automated email to you once every day. Love one of the homes you see listed? Just shoot your realtor a quick email with the MLS # and we’ll jump on it to set you up with a showing.